Best Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather | Guide and Reviews

If you are here right now, it means you love hunting. It also means that no weather condition puts you down. For that reason, you might be looking for the best hunting clothes for cold weather. It could be that you are preparing to hunt in the coming winter season.

Hunting used to be a means of survival in the old days but these days, it is an excellent recreational activity that also kids and ladies can enjoy too. To get this wonderful experience, you need wonderful items specifically designed to cater to your needs.

I for one know that, with the present market, hunting for the right clothes can be a little hectic for pros or a total disaster for some beginners. There is an ocean of headwear, underclothing, boots, gloves, and socks, which from experience can be overwhelming.

That is why my team and I took time, went out there to analyze a number of hunting outfits. First of all, you need to know that there are many types of outfits with their different purposes. There are those designed to keep you warm while others for camouflage.

Besides, kids and ladies are also not left out, there are gears for them. In this article, we have checked a couple of important ideologies to get you ready. Which include; detailed reviews of the best hunting clothes for cold weather and a comprehensive buyer’s guide. 

Best Hunting Clothes Comparison Table

Product Name
Editors Rating
HECS Suit Deer Hunting Clothing

Best Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather


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Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo Workwear Hooded Jacket



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VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Camouflage Forest Hunting 4-Piece + Bag



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King’s Camo Cotton Hunting Hoodie



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Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage Clothing Jungle Woodland Hunting

Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage Clothing


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The Heater Body Suit

The Heater Body Suit


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Best Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather Reviews

For a successful hunting trip, you not only need the best rubber hunting boots for cold weather but also hunting clothes for cold weather. If you are wondering what type of clothes to buy, check reviews of our recommended clothes that will keep you warm and comfortable.

1. HECS Suit Deer Hunting Clothing with Human Energy Concealment Technology

If you are that kind of person who takes your hunting game seriously, it is time to take it to another level with HECS suit deer hunting clothes. They have been designed with a special technology that no one ever imagined would fit into clothes especially hunting clothes.

First, the suit has a one of a kind fabric called stealth screen that will give you all the concealment you have ever desired. This fabric is specially formulated to block the energy fields generated by your body to be recognized by the animal you are after. The size of the mesh put here works effectively like that of a microwave oven door.

Best Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather

Second, the HECS suit is a 3-piece that contains one long-sleeved top that has thumbholes at the edge of the sleeve so that you can hold your rifle or bow nicely.

There is also a pair of bottoms which unlike the rest of the pieces comes with a highly elastic waistband. The pants have a drawstring to allow you to comfortably tighten your pants and side pockets for storing a few small items you may need on your hunt.

Thirdly, to add on the long sleeve top and pants, you will also get a head cover that is comfortable and adjustable according to the size of your head. As a bonus, you get a DVD guide.


  • Has an adjustable hut
  • The suit is comfortable and warm
  • It is light in weight
  • Provides total invisibility from your prey
  • It can be washed by a machine


  • The suit is a bit costly
  • Sizing may be outwitted

2. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo Workwear Hooded Jacket

Being a die-hard fan of the wild games, you need die-hard play clothes. The type that reflects who you are in your own game and still stay warm and comfortable. What another possible way could you stay motivated and safe from cold and moisture other than with the Legendary Whitewalls Canvas Hooded jacket?

It is literally built for toughness. Other than being able to resist water and any form of moisture, this jacket is designed to make you comfortable and enjoy your game. It is a sanded canvas jacket that is 10 oz. heavy duty-wise.


For a long time, hunters or game players have longed for a hooded jacket that comes with plenty of features. Like the hollow fill, insulation is the one important part that will keep you completely warm. Besides that, the camo print will give you total cover from your enemy or prey. They just won’t see you coming. is always something awesome about a hoodie with a zipper flap. It is so authentic in that, apart from protecting you from water or cold that may escape through the zipper, it’s just cool. The double interior pockets are another wow factor you need to explore this jacket. I mean how many items can you take along with you to your hunt in these pockets?

The hood too, it is zip off. On if you want, off if you don’t want it. To top it all, the Legendary Whitewalls Canvas Hooded jackets come in different sizes. Any size-man can wear it to the fun world.


  • Built with toughness for tough hunters
  • It can resist water
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Has a high-quality zipper
  • Magnificent camo for games


  • It is heavy
  • It is specifically designed for men

3. VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Camouflage Forest Hunting 4-Piece + Bag

VIVO has a reputation for making the most excellent active-wear and for many years, they have done just that. With significant improvements here and there, that is why a VIVO product would not miss on our list. I for one like the fact that they design active-wear for everyone. That is from guys, ladies, teens, and kids as well.

This specific Ghillie suit comes with a whole new experience for hunters like you. First of all, you will love how light it is. It is only 4 pounds in weight. This means that its weight will not interfere with your movements at all.


Besides that, just know that you are covered, from harsh plants, terrains, winds, moisture, cold and your prey too. VIVO camo suit has a great lining that is made of 100% polyester while the strings are constructed from 100% polypropylene. A perfect combo to keep you warm, safe and comfortable.

When you order this package, it will arrive with 4 pieces of hunting clothes. That is; a mask, a jacket, one pair of bottoms and a gun cover.

The mask has a mesh opening to provide you will clear view of your environment, be able to breathe at the same time protecting you. Moreover, the mask has an adjustable chin strap for precise fitting.

The pair of bottoms comes with an easy to tear feature that will allow you to get added air flow into your body for comfort.

The gun cover is long enough and comes with an elastic band with strings, which you will find on both ends that are convenient for attachment. To top it all, the jacket and pants are available for different sizes of bodies.


  • Provides an extreme camo experience
  • It a 4-piece in one suit
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Offers excellent comfort and portability
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • The sizes are somewhat larger
  • It is flammable

4. King’s Camo Cotton Hunting Hoodie

Kings Camo cotton hunting hoodie is a newbie product in the market that is already making waves. This especially happens when a product adopts a unique design style that can grab so much attention. That is why it is appearing on the list of the best hunting clothes for cold weather.

If you are looking for quality, this hoodie is the one you can take home. Other than providing you with the necessary protection you need in the wild, you will be comfortable and warm throughout. The desert shadow inspiration depicted on the camo patterns makes this jacket cool.


This cool pullover is a nice blend of 60% cotton and 40% poly. That is why it’s warm and cozy. You will also find it light in weight as it weighs 8.5 ounces.

There is also a kangaroo pocket for you to stuff in your hands when you feel cold or carry small supplies for your trip. The camo cuff sleeve and waistband make it a sophisticated style that when you wear it, you will feel like a king.


  • Light in weight
  • Soft and silky
  • Comes with a kangaroo pocket
  • High-quality hoodie
  • It’s comfortable and warm


  • Designed for dry area hunting
  • Can absorb moisture

5. Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage Clothing Jungle Woodland Hunting

Have you ever watched a documentary about wild animals? I did once and one thing captivated my attention. You may think that it was a specific animal or location but the attire which the photographers had on.

It was something extremely unique and elegant. So, I went ahead to such for hunting clothes that looked like that. Guess what I found? ZiCac Camo Ghillie Suit. This suit features a patent 3D like leafy pattern which camos in nature just like most leaves found in the woodlands.

Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage Clothing

Aside from keeping you comfortable and nicely camouflaged, this suit cannot get dirty easily. Yes, things like leaves and twigs may get stuck on you. It is also light in weight. Almost feels like wearing your normal summer clothes.

The jacket has a convenient zipper that is strong and durable. The pants have an elastic waistband, which will be comfortable on you and any other person with different waist size.


  • Has an adjustable waistline
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Water/ moisture resistant
  • It’s comfortable and warm
  • Great for woodlands


  • Fits most men
  • It is expensive

6. The Heater Body Suit

Hunting requires you to be patient and the longer you stay in the woods, the higher the chances of catching the bucks you have been chasing. However, this cannot happen if you are feeling cold. Get The Heater Body Suit to help you stand and stay longer.

You can tell exactly what it provides from its name. It is called the heater body suit. This is the perfect companion to extremely cold hunts. The bodysuit is designed to ensure you are warm when hunting during cold seasons.

The Heater Body Suit

For status, this bodysuit is excellently durable. This is because of the high-quality materials that are involved in bringing it to life. The suit is light in weight. Moreover, it comes in different sizes for different sized people.

The heater body suit also features a special membrane that is designed to make it 100% waterproof. This means that you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet.


  • Warms the body equally
  • Made from high-quality material
  • Made in U.S.A
  • It is light in weight
  • Designed in custom sizes.


  • Designed for men
  • It is expensive

7. Scentlock men’s jacket

Hunting is fun! Other people take it as a hobby. Remember, hunting is always sweet
in the winter areas, especially during the morning. But failure to dress on heavy
clothing, you may fall in danger!

But here comes a scent lock men’s jacket. Most hunters like it as it features an
odor-absorbing technology that is a combination of treated carbon, activated
carbon, as well as zeolite sandwiched between the fabrics.


Also, it has a wicking technology that keeps you dry when hunting in scorching
conditions. It has water-repelling (hydrophobic) and water-loving (hydrophilic)
pathways vital for keeping moisture away.

With an anti-microbial technology, a silver-based treatment that helps in controlling
the development of bacteria in harsh environments.


  • Made of top quality material that will not disappoint you.
  • High-quality insulation.
  • Bacteria proof.


  • It feels stiff at the time of purchase.
  • Noisy pockets.

Q: Where can I buy affordable hunting clothes?

A: Well, many online dealers can sell you hunting clothes at a reasonable price to
save you from paying too much. For example, fitmee is one of the best websites
that do this task. Also, other online dealers offer bargaining opportunities to
customers with low funds but in need of hunting clothes.

Q: What is the best ground cloth for deer hunting?

A: Browning; it is a lightweight jacket packable and thin best for hunting
adventures. It features thick cotton to make you warm during the winter.
Mentionable also, it has an inner pocket where you can hide valuable items such as
GPS and phones.

They are water-resistant, and so, you can swiftly lie flat with them on wetlands.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Hunting Clothes for Cold Weather

For newbies, after getting acquainted with what hunting is, this is the next stop. Therefore, the following factors should be able to mold your mind into making an excellently informed decision so that, you may have an epic hunting experience.


In today’s, market, when you intend to buy anything, its quality matters a lot and cannot be compromised. This is because you want it to serve you for a longer period of time. The same applies to hunt clothes for cold weather. High-quality clothes should be able to take you through a couple of cold weather seasons. These clothes are made of high-quality fabric and other great materials that can put up with the harshness of cold weather and protect you from getting sick.

For you to identify the best quality from the vast number of items you will come across, you will check out the product descriptions and if you feel that you are not well convinced, you can as well go online and read comments from customers who have used a similar product.


There are many brands that make the best hunting clothes for cold weather. Some are just starting while others have been there, evolving over time yet others have established a lucrative reputation. Since there are many of them, it means that you have a wide range of brands to select from.

If you have been in the hunting game for a long time, you may know a few brands that you can trust. If you need to explore new ideas, it could be a challenge to get trustworthy brands because some of them fabricate their features. Since it is your hard-earned money that you are willing to spend, you can choose from our list of the best hunting clothed for cold weather.


The price ranges that our today’s market offers, is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us. This came to existence when a large number of manufacturers rose up. Each manufacturer has their own style of making their product which then causes their prices to differ too.

That is why you will get a hunting gear that has a lower price with the same quality and features of another one that costs more. So, your budget size does not matter at all because there are prices for all budget sizes with great quality and product experience.

You also don’t have to purchase something expensive thinking that you are getting a quality product. Since great quality equals high value. We suggest that you look for something that offers what you are looking for and falls within your budget.


Seasons dictate your comfort in hunting gear. For that reason, you will find different styles of hunting clothes designed specifically for different seasons. In this case, we are talking about the cold weather season. Hunting clothes for this season are heavy in weight and padded enough to shield you from the cold. It is important to stay warm while you are outdoors and the basic essence of being warm while you out hunting is for you to have a fully enjoyable experience. I for one, I won’t be able to stretch out my bow when my hands are freezing.


The place you plan to go hunting also counts because hunting in a rocky mountain is not the same as hunting in a thick forest or a grassy area. That is why you will notice different designs of gears available in the market. The one thing that will help you identify what you need are the descriptions provided by a manufacturer. It will be a disaster for you to be on a rocky mountainside with snow or dried plants while wearing a grass-inspired outfit.

Final verdict

For a long time now, people have enjoyed hunting. If you have been part of the game, you understand the thrill it brings. Unlike before, you need some essential items, to make the experience even better. One of those essentials is a perfect gear.

Like I had mentioned earlier, these gears differ from season to season and place to place. In this case, the best hunting clothes have the duty to protect you from the cold environment at the same time being part of your amazing adventure.

That is why they are of high quality, durable, affordable, comfortable, nicely padded and patent to fit into the context. You can get those for gents, ladies, and kids. Whatever size, whatever design you want, it is all there for you. So, what are you waiting for