Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting | Guide and Reviews

Taking lessons from past experience, I can attest that coyote hunting is more interesting and fun especially when done during the night. However, in order to be the Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting the night, you need to arm yourself with the best light that will help you not only spot your target with ease but also help you clearly distinguish your target from other animals roaming in the dark or even other targets that are not of your interests.

The market is flooded with several lights that retailers and wholesalers will recommend to you to make your hunting success. Nevertheless, it is upon you to go beyond their mere word of mouth and weight the options available in the market.

Take your time to look into the features of the coyote hunting lights so that the product that you secure for your hunting expedition is one that will not turn out to be disappointing. The quality of the light is the topmost consideration that you ought to check into so that you ease in distinguishing your target.

This is because coyote have their look-alikes and at night, it may be hard to differentiate the two without good quality light for hunting. This article will give you a guide in identifying the best light to use in night coyote hunting by looking at some of the best quality products in the market currently.

Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting Comparison Table

Product Name
OLIGHT M20SX Javelot M20-X 820 Lumen LED Flashlight, Black



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Zebra-light SC52 L2 AA Flashlight Cool White

Zebralight SC52 L2 AA Flashlight Cool White


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Wicked Lights A67iC & Scan-Pro iC 3-Color-in-1 (Green, Red, White LED)



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Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit



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WILDFIRE S10 Predator Varmint Light Kit



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Wind Fire Green LED Coyote Hog Hunting Light Set



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Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting

1. OLIGHT M20SX Javelot M20-X 820 Lumen LED Flashlight, Black

When I first came across this amazing flashlight, the outer texture, design and general visual appeal made me conclude that the product was great even before trial. True to my thoughts, the product turned out to be quality and effective beyond expectations.

Its continued use over time convinced me that it was such a great product that I would recommend to any individual, professional or beginner hunter.


This product has great features that make it unique and easily identified from competing products in the market. The following are the features that will make you choose this product for your coyote night hunting expedition.

The brightness level comes in three levels which range from 25 -820 lumens with a very friendly easy to use strobe mode. It has a side switch which will enable you to select different modes such as the memory function which enable your gadget to remember last power setting you used.

The body of this light is made from high-quality aluminum which is not susceptible to rusting and can withstand high thermal temperatures. The click-tail is multi-functional; on and off switch as well as regulating brightness level. It produces a well-focused beam due to customization of the CREE LED.


  • Customized to produce a high-quality beam of light.
  • Can withstand adverse weather conditions including rusting conditions.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Firm grip but with an appealing texture.
  • Allow one to regulate the brightness level.


  • The product may be costly to repair if damaged.
  • The cost may be a bit unaffordable.

2. Zebra-light SC52 L2 AA Flashlight Cool White

The simplicity in design and yet high-performance standards is what will draw your attention to the Zebra-light SC52 L2 AA Flashlight Cool White which I recommend for your coyote night hunting any day, any time. This product is well designed and made user-friendly all thanks to the great manufacturers Zebra-light Company.

The product is very portable and will give you a smooth time when you are preparing your hunting package.  It has the simple makeup that any hunter would wish for plus a set of features that make it suitable for your coyote night hunting.

Zebralight SC52 L2 AA Flashlight Cool White

The battery output is automatically lowered by stepping down when the battery capacity is low. You can access and regulate the brightness levels through the smart user interface which is easy to operate.

While not in use, you can disconnect the tail-cap so as to reduce unwanted power loss from the battery. The LED flash allows you to easily know the battery capacity through simple observation.


  • You can save on battery power.
  • Easy to regulate brightness.
  • Comfortable on your hands.
  • You can easily monitor battery capacity.
  • Give a good quality light.


  • The battery is not included while you are purchasing the product.
  • When misplaced, you cannot easily trace it in the darkness.

3. Wicked Lights A67iC & Scan-Pro iC 3-Color-in-1 (Green, Red, White LED) 

This product from Wicked Lights Company is a must consideration for budget shoppers like me because it comes as a package which will make your coyote night hunting memorable. The product is made using modern technology which makes its efficiency and effectiveness almost 100% satisfying to the users.

Most of my fellow hunters who we interact with and happen to have used this light have described the experience as unmatched. The light is one of the best coyote night hunting lights because it is well refined from the lighting to the precision in focusing. It has amazing features which include but not limited to the following.


The light beam has multiple colors which you can switch to your desired colors using the axis LED design tool. The color intensity is quality and easy to regulate from the Head-lamp.

The light remains quality even over a long range. It has mounting hardware that is detachable making it possible to mount the light even on a rifle. The light comes with a limited lifetime warranty which guarantees you of durability for the product.


  • High-quality light.
  • Allow the user to zoom on the target.
  • The scanning feature makes it possible to spot your target easier.
  • It is very flexible when it comes to mounting to different devices.


  • The light may have a negative impact on your skin.
  • It is a very delicate product.

4. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light Kit

Are you the coyote night hunter who requires a complete package to get your hunting expedition going? Well, then the predator tactics coyote reaper hunting light kit is made with your best interests at heart.

This great product makes my list for the best light to use in coyote night hunting because it comes furnished with a complete set of tools and with the most important tool needed to make night hunting a success, a high-quality flashlight.


When I state that the kit is a complete package, I mean every word because once you purchase it, you are good to go for your hunting with every necessary tool included the batteries which tend to be forgotten in most cases.

The flashlight included in this hunting kit is one with a high-quality beam that comes out with good projection and focus. This makes it suitable to spot your target with precision.

The kit contains a mounting tool that can allow you to mount the flashlight on different gadgets such as the firearm. Your power needs are covered by the inclusion of not one but two batteries that have a long lifespan.

To cap it all, the kit has a quality case that is made from quality material to be protective and safeguard your flashlight with all its components.


  • Comes with a protective case.
  • The flashlight is durable.
  • It has a smooth but firm grip.
  • It is flexible and allows for mounting on different devices.
  • Batteries are included in the kit package.


  • The material used can cause cancer.
  • It may have reproduction health negative implications.

5. WILDFIRE S10 Predator Varmint Light Kit

When I mentioned this product to my friend, he was amazed by the quality of the product besides the fact that the kit package guarantees you value for money. Today, he showers praises to Wind-fire Company for coming up with such a comprehensive product that is fine in quality and makes the coyote night hunting such a fun venture to try.

The Wind-fire S10 Predator Varmint Light Kit comes with the following components; 300 yards 650 lumen 3 Cree red LED long range hunting gear tactical flashlight which has a scope mount, a pressure switch and rechargeable battery with the inclusion of a charger. The unique features include the following.


The light quality from the flashlight is one of the best; it is unfiltered thus producing bright quality red hunting light that makes spotting a coyote much easier.

The red LED allows one to switch between different modes and it is easy to operate. The make material is aviation aluminum which means that you can operate this flashlight even in adverse weather conditions including rainy days.

The pressure knob allows one to switch the flashlight on and off with ease. You can easily mount this flashlight to various devices and the quality of the light is undisputed.

The hunting kit is much complete with the inclusion of rechargeable battery, pressure switch, battery charger, and a scope mount.


  • Flexible allowing for mounting through the scope mount.
  • Quality make-material that can work in adverse weather conditions.
  • High-quality light.
  • Assured power supply.
  • Ease of operation.


  • The various components are easy to lose.
  • The limited color choice as not everyone likes red color.

6. Wind Fire Green LED Coyote Hog Hunting Light Set

Wind-fire has considered each person and this particular product is designed to make your coyote hog night hunting a worthy experience. Just like other similar products from Wind-fire, this product comes as a package with a set of components incorporated during its purchase.

That notwithstanding, it has several features that make it unique and competitive among similar products. The following features make it feature among the top choice lights for coyote night hunting.


The flashlight is made for long range; 250 yards and has a barrel sight rail which you can mount on several hunting gadgets.  The Cree green LED produces unfiltered green light through the 350 lumens which are well focused and of high quality.

The make-material is of high quality which guarantees you a durable product. The pressure button allows you to comfortably control the power switch.

It’s a whole complete set with a rechargeable battery, a charger, pressure switch, barrel mount, and a high-quality flashlight.


  • A complete kit package.
  • A high-quality beam of light.
  • Ease of operation.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Stable power supply.


  • Monotony of color.
  • May have health implications to the users.

 Video Tutorial: Best Light to Use Night Coyote Hunting 


Things to Consider while Purchasing the Best Light for Night Coyote Hunting

Before you select the right light for night coyote hunting, you need to have a few things in mind. Take note of these tips that will help you choose the best.


The degree to which a certain flashlight is flexible to be mounted on several hunting gadgets such as pistols, short guns, firearms or even hunting caps implies a lot. You ought to select flashlights for night coyote hunting that are flexible in terms of mounting so that you don’t get stuck when you need to mount your light for better focus and target spotting.

The mounting process should be one that is easy to carry out and give room for adjustments. The mounting scope should be strong and stable for effectiveness.

Beam Quality

The accuracy to which you spot your target is highly dependent on the quality of the beam you are using. You ought to select a beam that is well focused so that it does not disturb your target especially when you are at a range. Good quality beam makes it to clearly distinguish your target from any other animal roaming in the dark and pick it out with ease with minimal chances of missing your target.

The quality of the beam will determine how far the light can travel before fading. You, therefore, need quality light that will allow you to spot your target without getting too close to them.  This will cause minimal disturbance and increase your chances of hitting your target.

Power Supply

Disappointments arising as a result of power breakdown during night hunting expedition will ruin the entire hunting expedition. This will happen especially in a place where you spot your target and before you take your shot, the power goes out.

Thia is a challenge that you can overcome by ensuring a stable power supply. Such power stability can be achieved by having a rechargeable battery or having spare batteries. When selecting which light to purchase for night coyote hunting, I highly suggest you check the availability of spare batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Make Material

The material constituting the flashlight and all its components from the mounting scope to the outer casing should be high quality to withstand adverse weather conditions. This is because the weather may abruptly change while you are on your hunting expedition. The make material should be one that can withstand rainy conditions and prevent rusting when exposed to the external environment.

The barrel of the flashlights is one sensitive component when it comes to rusting and thus determines the durability of the light. This simply means if you want to have a memorable coyote night hunting experience, you need to secure a durable flashlight that is made from quality material.

Health Implications

Our health should always be a top priority and consideration whenever we are undertaking any activity since you can only enjoy such activity as long as you are alive and in good shape. It thus becomes crucial to scrutinize the lights we purchase for coyote night hunting to know the implications behind each so we can handle them with care and keep ourselves safe.

You, therefore, need to know whether the light emitted by the flashlights is safe when it comes in contact with your skin or may cause harmful damage.

This is because most of the lights emitted by such flashlights are made with scan and kill technology thus harmful when exposed to human skin. Keep safe; do not enjoy coyote night hunting and tomorrow you are no more!

Final Verdict

Most of the lights available in the market for coyote night hunting are equally good and quality especially the six highlighted in this article.  However, before trying other samples in the market, I highly recommend you try the top choices covered in this article and if you find the end results unsatisfying, feel free to sample similar products in the market.

The top choice and best product that stands out among the ones discussed above is the Wicked Lights A67iC & Scan-Pro iC 3-Color-in-1 (Green, Red, White LED) Night Hunting Light and Headlamp Combo Pack for Coyote, Predator, Varmint & Hogs.

This product stands out due to high flexibility when it comes to mounting and the high-quality beam of light which comes out from the flashlight well focused.

You can mount this flashlight on various hunting gears during coyote night hunting. It removes monotony of colors by providing the users with an option of changing from color to another. Sample this light for your coyote night hunting and I can assure you the results will be pleasing if not fascinating!