5 Best Predator Hunting Lights Reviews | Buying Guide

Are you an expert or professional hunter? and you intend to go on a night hunting expedition? Are you aware of all types of hunting lights that you should procure? its really necessary one hunting equipment like hunting camera, hunting cloth, hunting rifle etc.

Have you decided on the type of animal that you will hunt? Well, if you are in any of these scenarios and you are very wondering about the ideal instrument to carry, then this necessary article is what you should go through.
It really provides a clear insight into the best predator hunting lights to use when hunting both small and very large animal species.

Factors to Consider In Night Hunting Expeditions

Hunting at night is a tricky ordeal compared to day time hunts. It is essential for you to use visual enhancement equipment that will enable you to spot the target animals in pitch darkness. You should consider the following factors for you to succeed in your night hunt.

1.The light

The perfect and quality of your hunting light used has a direct influence on a hunt’s success. Sub-standard light complicates a challenging process. Predator’s eyes normally reflect and collect light through bars and cones. It fully makes a bugger’s eyes shine when hit by light.

A clear light spooks a coyote before you can shoot it easily. You can rectify this by using a red lens.
A filter or a red lens increases the eyes’ illumination by properly converting a bright light into a red glow. It enables a hunter to locate a predator at over 500 meters.

You should keep the light above the approaching predator especially your targeted coyotes. Cats and foxes are not frightened by light. anyways, coyotes could develop light-shyness in instances where they have prolonged light exposure. You need hence minimize the light’s intensity by using a dimmer control.

It prevents the animal from seeing a hunter that you want. When aiming a shot, it’s advisable not to change your light settings. You should instead call and shoot when the red light is turned on. The recommended your quality predator hunting light should have 200000-1000000 candle power.

2. The call

If you are accustomed to a particular mouth call in your hunting territory in the daytime, you can use it at night. One can use either a howler or a distress call.

Alternatively, you can also use these electronics provided the caller remains close to your car. The targeted predator should be facing you for him to reflect light hence enabling you to spot him.

If a remote caller is placed away from the hunting red light, it might make him face the sound’s direction hence fully preventing you from seeing him. You need also be able to lip squeak or smooch to bring in some varmints.

3. The chair

The evolution of light and calling instrument has caused significant advancements in the night calling. You can invent a spotlighting, riding, calling, shooting and perfectly hunting stand at the back of your pick-up truck.

It should be able to steadily hold the light for you, naturally give you a stable shooting rest, a safe hiding place and an awesome viewpoint. One can modify an office chair by building a metal plate at its bottom that will accommodate a shaft which will proper rotate in a cylinder.

The chair should also accommodate a hulk hunter through the rough washouts, hills, and rocky terrain. You can fully secure it by tying it to the rear truck’s iron rails.

It should hold a spotlight in shooting direction. You can also build a rack behind it to put a shotgun which is very important when hunting coyotes and foxes.

Your chair should be at least 12 feet above the ground for you to have a good vantage point.

4. Your procedure

Despite having the best quality hunting instrument, you also need to have an effective procedure. You should select a spot with a nice field of your view.

Start at a very low volume and gradually advance to a full-blown call. As you do so, slowly turn and pan your red light above the brush. When you spot a predator, focus the hunting light on him but not directly at him. It will enable you to see his eyes properly.

As soon as the targeted animal is within your shooting range, smooth, bark or squeak to distract him. It will allow you to fulfill aim a shot at him. In a single night hunt session, you can take down 5 foxes, 6 bobcats, four4 raccoons, and 3 coyotes.

 Video Tutorial: Predator Hunting Lights 

5. Best Night Hunting Lights for Scopes

1. Utako Green Light LED Coyote Hog Pig Varmint Predator Hunting Light

The popular green light has a Remote Pressure Switch. It is manufactured in California.


  • Once a client places an order, the scope is shipped for free within three days.
  • It is made in the US.
  • It is sold at an affordable price.


  • You have to read its manual in order to understand how it functions.


2. Red LED Hunting Light KIT 350 Lumen Night Trail

The flashlight has a long condenser cup that is 58mm deep.


  • It is shipped for free within two days once a customer places an order.
  • The flashlight has an efficient reflection and it does not have a black spot.
  • The price is affordable.


  • You should use it carefully.


3. New Primos Hunting Varmint 300 Yard LED light 62371

The hinting light has a charging cord, 1inch, and 30mm scope tubes and an integrated remote switch.
Its ultra-bright design enables it to take 300 YD shots.


  • It has a unique shooting capability.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • One can easily charge it.
  • New Primos is shipped for free to customers upon placing an order.


  • The scope tubes are susceptible to damage.


4.VastFire Green Light LED Coyote Pig Hog Predator Hunting Light

It produces an intense floodlight that illuminates a large area of up to 750 feet.


  • It is sold at an affordable price.
  • VastFire hunting light is shipped to clients for totally free.
  • Safety is assured when using the product.


  • You should handle it very carefully.


5. Utako Varmint Small Ghost Deer Hunting Green Light Gear

The light gear always uses a Zoomable CREE LED single mode flashlight which is efficient.


  • It is sold at an affordable price.
  • Utako light gear is very suitable for fish hunting.
  • -The flashlight is delivered to clients for free upon placing an order.


  • You should follow its manual when using it.


5. Wicked Hunting Lights

1.W4031C and ScanPro IC Combo Pack

It has a W4031c light, a ScanPro IC Headlamp, an adjustable mount kit, and a remote IC coil cord switch.


  • You can easily charge it as it has a multi-position charger.
  • It has long power durability due to its 18650 Li-Ion batteries.
  • The hard plastic case protects it from damages.


  • It has a complicated manual guide.
  • The price is unaffordable to many people.


2. ScanPro IC Ultimate Headlamp

The hunting light has a headlamp, intensity LED controls, a dual-position charger, and 18650 Li-Ion batteries.


  • The Li-Ion has long power durability and life span hence needing few replacements.
  • Its hard case protects it from breakages.
  • It uses interchangeable intensity controls.


  • It is expensive.


3. A67IC 3-Color-In-1 Gun Light Kit

There are A671C multicolored lights, a multi-colored Centre Axis module, an adjustable mount kit, a remote IC cord switch, and a dual-position charger.



  • It uses 18650 Li-Ion batteries that are easily rechargeable and which have a long life span.
  • There is a hard plastic case that protects the device from damage.


  • It is expensive.


4. Night Hunting Deluxe Kit

The kit has a W4031C light, intensity controlled Led’s, an amount kit and a remote cord switch.


  • There is a dual-position charger.
  • The 18650 Li-Ion batteries are easily recharged; they have a long lifespan and power durability.
  • Its hard plastic case protects it.


  • It is not affordable.


5. W403IC Predator Pursuit Pack

The hunting light has a W4031C light, a scanning ergo grip, a mount kit and a remote IC coil switch.


  • The multi-position charger makes it easy for one to charge it.
  • It uses 18650 Li-Ion batteries that store power for long and they need few replacements.
  • Its hard plastic case protects it from damage.


  • It is expensive.
  • Scope Mounted Predator Hunting Lights


1. Orion Predator H30 Green or Red Long Range Hunting Light Flashlight

The flashlight is appropriate for hunting varmint, hog, coyote and fox at night. It has a rail mount, scope mount, a charger kit, a barrel mount, and a remote pressure switch.


  • It illuminates 273 meters of the focused and bright red beam that features the Cree XP-E2 LED.
  • Orion flashlight has long power duration.
  • It comes as a complete set with a scope, barrel and rail mount, a charger, rechargeable battery, and a pressure switch.
  • The hunting light is of military grade as it is water and impact proof.
  • Clients are given a 10 years warranty. It is shipped for free upon buying it.


  • You should handle it carefully.


2. Class-2 Night Snipe Predator and Hog Night Hunting Light

It is suitable for hunting varmint and hogs.


  • Light is made of T-6 aluminum. It has a heavy recoil resistance and impact.
  • It has dual-mode red and green Cree Modules.
  • The light has a large range and up to 450 meters eyeshine.
  • It securely mounts to the barrel or scope.
  • There is a pressure switch for easy on and off switching.


  • Clients are charged extra shipping costs after purchasing it.


Top 5 Green Lights for Coyote Hunting

When deciding on the best lights for hunting coyotes, you should consider factors such as price, durability, warranty, usage, sight picture and brand history.

1.Nikon P223 BDC 600 4-12*40

It is designed with a 223 round and it suits the AR15.


  • The rapid turret system eases taking for long shots.
  • It has multi-coated optics that enhances refraction.
  • Light is made from durable aluminum and polymer.
  • You can use it in dim light conditions as it has a 40mm lens
  • The scope can be very easily sighted in.


  • The field of view is narrow.
  • It has a complicated BDC reticle.


2.Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-¬12X56 AO

It has a .22-250 round design.


  • There are easy adjustments.
  • Its reticle is illuminated.
  • Clients get a lifetime warranty.
  • The 30mm tube facilitates optimal sight.


  • It has a small field of view.


3.Leupold VX6 3-18×50 Side Focus CDS

The scope has .22-250 rounds and it has high efficiency.


  • The zoom ratio is large.
  • There is a low light performance.
  • Its lenses are coated for high light transmission.


  • It is expensive.


4.Leupold Prismatic Hunting 1×14 Illuminated Double Circle DOT

It is has a double circle and it is designed for hunting shotguns.


  • The hunting light has a lockable focus eyepiece.
  • There is a clear target view.
  • It has long durability and easy to use.


  • The price is unaffordable.
  • It has short eye relief.


5. Sight Mark Photon 6.5X50S Digital Night Vision

It is efficient in night hunts.


  • It is suitable for night and day hunts.
  • It forms high-resolution photos.
  • One can record video outputs.
  • Efficiency is not affected by prolonged light exposure.


  • It is expensive.
  • Using it is difficult.


5 Best Predator Hunting Lights

1.Wicked Lights W403IC Deluxe Night Hunting Light

It has white, green and red control LED’S that make it suitable for hunting hog, varmint, and predators.

  •  It has an interchangeable red, white and green design.
  •  The equipment is manufactured in the US.
  •  The zoom focus uses the kill and scan technology.
  •  Free shipping is always provided upon purchasing it.


  • It is prone to damages.


2.Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light

It is a green hunting light.


  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • Free shipment is done upon buying it.
  • Predator Tactics adheres with high manufacturing standards.


  • It should be handled with caution.


3. Orion M30C 377 Yards 700 Lumen LED Hunting Light

The flashlight is really ideal in hunting hog, varmint, and predators.
It has rechargeable batteries, durable charger, a pressure switch, and rifle mounts.


  • There are some kind brightness levels that fit your needs.
  • It is shipped for free.
  • A bright red hunting light is produced.
  • It has two 18650 rechargeable batteries.


  • It should be used carefully.


4.Fenix TK32 2016 1000 Lumens Tri-Color LED Flashlight

The flashlight has green, white and red Led’s, a pressure switch, CR123A batteries and an offset mount.


  • It has super and various light brightness levels.
  • Fenix has a bright light maximum output.
  • Its quality and adjustable holster hold the light and its spare battery.


  • It is expensive.


5.Orion Predator H30 Long Range Rechargeable Night Hunting Light

The night light has awesome rail, barrel and scope mount, a charger kit and a pressure switch.


  • The batteries have a long life span.
  • Clients get a 10 years warranty.
  • It uses the Cree XP-E2 LED technology.
  • Its efficiency is not affected by impact and water.


  • It is delicate.


Final Verdict

Selecting your best predator hunting lights increases your probability of having a successful expedition.
However, you have to choose keenly read its manual to familiarize yourself with its components, maintenance, and usage of proper instructions. There are a variety of your hunting lights that have different price ranges.