How To Record Your Hunt Using a GoPro Camera?

The new millennium has introduced new machines, and devices professionals use to carry out their daily activities. GoPro cameras emerge as the newest devices in the market that redefines how we view different occurrences.

They also make ideal devices for recording outdoor experiences. You can use them to view adventure sports like basketball, record events, and others use them to record their hunts.

But do you understand how to record your hunt using a GoPro camera? This seems an easy thing to do.

However, the task becomes simpler if you have an idea about these cameras. Manufacturers design them with high techs that turn their usage complicated. However, if you lack an idea about this, you’re well covered herein.

How to Record Your Hunt Using a GoPro Camera?

GoPro cameras make the best devices not only for professional photographers but also hunters alike.

Just like photographers, hunters record their hunts using these cameras. But then, do you have limelight about how to record your hunt using a GoPro camera? Let’s discuss how this activity is perfected in this article.

Ensure you Use the Right GoPro Camera

Before you think about recording a hunt using a GoPro for hunting camera, ensure you have the perfect camera for the activity.

However, this aspect becomes a matter of individual preference. Investing in the best camera is the answer to get clear videos. When choosing a camera to use for such an activity, ensure you understand how well the camera you intend to use will shoot.

Nevertheless, an individual should have an idea about how rugged the camera will be.

Employ the Highest Frame Rate

The frame rate of your GoPro camera considering that you need the best videos ever. The highest frame rates make videos appear more fluid. This translates to a better definition even if there will be a lot of movements.

There are different GoPro cameras in the market supporting a range of frame rates. Setting a frame rate at 60 frames per second can work best for you. However, setting that high rate is complicated in a way.

With the older versions, you must reduce resolutions first before setting those higher rates.

The current GoPro versions support up to 120 frames each second. However, setting the camera at these frame rates isn’t much necessary. You only need to do this if there are plans to use the camera in slow motion.

Adjust the Field of View

GoPro cameras have wide-angle lenses that the conventional cameras. Users can increase the field of view according to their desires.

A wide field of view provides an opportunity to capture more happening in the surrounding. Setting to a wide field of view doesn’t mean you will have distorted videos especially to the edges.

Newer GoPro camera versions in the market have up to three fields of view settings. You can switch the view from wide, narrow to medium depending on what you desire.

However, before recording, make adjustments to see whether your video is clear.

There are no rules that state the best field of view. You only switch to the view that provides clear videos.

However, it’s important to use medium or narrow when taking close-ups. Consequently, a wide field of view is excellent for expansive views.

Adjust the Audio

How To Record Your Hunt Using a GoPro Camera

Most people forget about adjusting audios before they start recording. These cameras record obvious natural audio.

However, these mainly got designed with videos in mind. Therefore, you should always make adjustments to come out excellently. Typically, the natural audio provides you a certain degree of authentic vibe.

However, it won’t stand up the best if you need something professional or polished as such.

Adjusting the audio prior is one way to deal with the sounds of what you record. However, that is not all; several ways are in place to solve such a problem. Editing audios clears all noticeable pops, crackles, and everything undesirable within.

Another way to deal with such a problem is to replace the natural audio with background music. You can as well maintain the natural sounds and replace all flaws within.

Where to mount also matters a lot to the videos you need. During the shoot session, you will ensure your camera doesn’t fall. So, maintaining it steady requires you to mount it on a sturdy and strong mount. Choose an amount that can stand still in any field condition.

Consequently, light matters a lot when recording your hunt. GoPro cameras have the best light setting functions in all product ranges. However, it’s vital to record whenever there is sufficient light.

Early hours of the day and late in the evening sounds the best time to record your hunt. However, the footage at this time might appear washed out. Therefore, you must wait for good sunlight if you need more detailed videos.

When recording your hunt, it’s essential to blackout the camera lights. You require blackout housing to do this. GoPro cameras have two lights that shine when recording.

Such flashes and blinks are excellent to give you the idea that the camera still rolls. However, in hunting situations, this might suck up things. These lights will possibly scare prey and make the session unsuccessful. With the use of blackout housing, you would have solved your problem.

The tips above are great for improving the quality of what you will record. However, experts advise first-timers to do post-production if they deem to get the best results. Employ the best camera and adjust the settings as necessary.


Understood how to record your hunt using a GoPro camera? Possibly the article has addressed how to record a hunt. Moreover, we have also gotten an idea about getting the best videos when doing these exercises.

Incorporate all the ideas to get the best thing at the end of your recording session. Consequently, before you indulge in this exercise, ensure you do some post-production. This will help you have an idea of what is required to get the best of the best.