Top Auto Accessories for Your Next Hunting Trip

Getting your vehicle ready for a weekend hunting trip is truly an exhilarating feeling. The anticipation of bagging a monster buck, beautiful pheasant, or another game animal is really unmatched. While hunters are typically well outfitted for the hunt itself, they often overlook one aspect of a hunting trip that can really improve the overall experience – the road trip to the destination.

Having the right vehicle accessories can make all the difference when traveling to your destination. You can find accessories to keep your vehicle clean, store and protect your hunting gear, and even provide your vehicle with a striking, rustic look. Here are some of the top auto accessories to enhance your next hunting trip.

Top Auto Accessories

Floor Mats

Hunters are used to walking through forests and prairies to find the game animals that they are after. This can leave their boots caked in dirt and mud and you don’t want to bring this back into your truck or SUV.

While standard OE floor mats can protect your vehicle’s floors, custom-made floor liners can provide even more protection. They can also be cleaned much easier than your vehicle’s interior can. Additionally, you can find camouflage floor mats to add an outdoorsy vibe to your vehicle.

Seat Covers

While floor mats will keep the vehicle’s floors looking pristine, seat covers will keep your vehicle’s seats looking brand new. Custom seat covers can be installed easily over your OE upholstery and will protect against any dirt or wear and tear that can result from many outdoor excursions.

These too come in a variety of camouflage designs that will add a cool, woodsy look to your vehicle’s interior.

Dash Cover

Another great accessory to have for your vehicle when endeavoring on a hunting trip is a dash cover. UV-rays can crack and warp your vehicle’s dashboard when left under the hot sun for long periods of time.

 A dashboard cover will ensure your dashboard stays intact and preserves some of the resale value of your vehicle. Like with other accessories, dash covers come in a range of striking camouflage patterns.

Tonneau Cover

If you are a pickup truck owner, there is no better accessory to invest in than a tonneau cover. While hunting, you may want to leave some of your gear and other belongings in your truck bed. A tonneau cover is the perfect way to ensure your valuables stay out of sight and locked up.

The best locking hard top tonneau covers will provide the most secure protection against thieves and allow you to hunt in peace knowing your cargo is sage and sound.

Bug Deflector

On your road trip to your hunting destination, you’re likely to be passing by water features, like lakes, ponds, bogs, swamps, and rivers. It’s no secret that flying insects and bugs like to congregate in these types of environments.

This means they wind up splattered on your vehicle’s windshield and hood. A bug deflector, though, will deflect the insects up and away from your vehicle’s front, keeping your windshield and hood free from bug remains. You can also pick up a camo bug deflector to enhance the look of your exterior.

Adding a few of these accessories to your SUV, truck, or Jeep will allow you to maintain your vehicle’s value while also enhancing the overall appearance. These are investments that will continue to pay off well into the future.

You will reap the benefits of these accessories for many hunting trips to come and, if you choose to go with some of the camo options, you will continually be inspired by the attractive, woodsy look.